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To provide the freshest ingredients always - using local and organic options wherever possible.
Acai Bowls
Acai Berries


At Boho Berries, Acai is the star of the show, and ours is produced from freshly harvested acai berries. That’s why it simply tastes better. Many acai products are made from concentrate or powders and use food coloring to give them their color. The only thing we add to our acai is a little cane sugar. Product quality is something we take seriously.

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Made from organic hemp and flaxseed that offers over 6g of protein per serving.
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Goji Berries

High in antioxidants, boosts energy and improves immune function.
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Hemp seeds

Rich in protein (5g per ounce), vitamins and omegas.
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Bee Pollen

Packed with antioxidants, lipids, protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
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Cacao Nibs, Blueberries, Raspberries & Honey

Full of powerful antioxidants that boost immune system.
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Chia Seeds

Abundant in fiber, protein, omega 3 and micronutrients.
Authentic Hawaiian

Shave Ice

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Our traditional Hawaiian shave ice starts with pure blocks of ice shaved into a fine, fluffy texture that melts in your mouth. We offer a variety of traditional flavors as well as several handcrafted flavors. Our handcrafted flavors are freshly made in-house and contain no artificial flavors or colors.

We use the highest quality coffee beans roasted locally in the Piedmont Triad. Every cup is freshly ground and brewed to order. Our Cold Brew is brewed in-house for 24 hours to maximize its smooth and rich flavor profile.

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Our Story
Annette Williams
Owner, Operator

Owned and operated by Annette Williams (known affectionately as the Berry Boss), Boho Berries is built on a combination of fun flavors and healthy ingredients, but it started as a dream born in paradise.

While on a trip to Hawaii, Annette discovered a local food truck with tasty acai bowls and authentic Hawaiian shave ice. Everything they served was amazing! While they preferred to keep only one location rather than franchising, they were generous enough to speak with Annette and share some of their story and the secrets of their great products. The adventure was about to begin!

Despite decades of corporate accounting and specialized consulting experience, Annette was getting restless with office life. She wanted to be more active and interact more often. The one thing that really excited her as a prospect? That food truck concept she encountered years before. After many long hours of research and planning, the dream got its wings (or wheels).

Boho Berries officially launched in October of 2020. While we are building our brand with a unique combination of healthy, flavorful ingredients, the spirit of that initial moment of discovery informs every item we serve. In fact, our Shaka bowl is a nod to these Hawaiian roots.

Boho is short for Bohemian, which is defined as someone who lives a free or unconventional life. The life of a wanderer or gypsy is often used as a parallel. What better way to describe the food truck life?!

Safety and cleanliness are a top priority for us, as evidenced by our excellent sanitation rating by the health department. We are ServeSafe certified, and our team members understand and practice safe food handling. We offer contactless payment options, and we regularly sanitize all high-touch surfaces along with providing hand sanitizer for customers.

We follow all state and local regulations concerning COVID-19 protocols and safety measures.

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